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Fandom meet-ups and other activities in the North-West of England.
There is fandom life in the North-West of England... Isn't there?

Do you live in the North-West of England or within a reasonable travelling distance, or just want to catch up with fen when you're in the area? Are you a fangirl/boy? Want to meet up with other like-minded people to socialise, discuss fandom (seriously or not so seriously at all), watch fanvids or show finales or that newest must see movie that your flist is squeeing about, plot epic fics or mock badfic, pimp your new fandom, make new friends, or any other of myriad fun-filled things fandom people tend to get up to when they congregate? If your answer is 'FUCK YEAH!' then this is a place for you.

What now?

1. Join the community.
2. Go to the Welcome Post to introduce yourself, make suggestions, flap your hands excitedly etc. Note that the post is locked to members only so you do have to join the comm first.
2. Pimp the community. We're just getting started so if you know others who would be interested in fan meet-ups and activities in the North-West of England, do point them this way.

Community rules:

1. Membership is moderated, mainly to keep out trolls and spambots.
2. Posting is open for all members.
3. As a default, posts are set to 'members only' for privacy reasons.
4. DON'T BE AN ARSEHOLE. No bashing of fandoms, characters or ships. Or, you know, each other. Play nice and don't make me snap my modly whip.
5. Have fun!